Wednesday, 21 December 2016

World Watch: Thibault Tricole: The HOT Property in French Darts

Hi Guys

I have always found it unusual that having been one of the originators of darts, that France has failed to make much of an impact in the world of darts.

There are however a number of talented French darts players out there, with Thibault Tricole being the highest rated at 689 in the BDO rankings!

Thibault has been a fixture in European events over the last 6 years and whilst he has yet to qualify for the the first rounds of the a BDO major he recently reached the quarter finals of the WDF Europe Cup Singles.

My money would be on Thibault to crack qualification for a BDO major in the next 2 years


Tuesday, 20 December 2016

World Watch: Larry Butler: The American Icon!

Hi Guys

There is another golden oldie who should not be overlooked in the world of darts and that is the legend that is 'The Eagle' Larry Butler.

Butler made his BDO debut in 1992 aged 36 and won the inaugural PDC World Matchplay in 1994 beating the Great Dennis Priestley 16-12 and is still one of only 7 players to have won the title in its 22 year history (thanks to Phil Taylors 15 title haul)

check it out here:

It is a testament to the great mans abilities and proof that age is no barrier in that Butler aged 58 reached the last 16 of the BDO World Championship in 2016 (his first appearance in 19 years) and World Masters final in 2015 aged 57!

A winner of no less than 37 opens across both steel and soft tip Butler is American's most prolific darts player  (John Part is Canadian) and shows no sign of deterioration in his game (given he has just had his best run in 2015/16 since 1994, some 20 years later)!

I hope Butler's still doing this in 20 years time!

Larry Butler you are a true inspiration and America should be proud of their finest darts export!


Sunday, 18 December 2016

19/12/2016: Triple Bullseye

Hi Guys

I have been tinkering with my setup and literally my first 3 darts using Unicorn soft-flex mediums and Harrows retina slims yielded a lovely triple bull:

The only problem i'm noticing is that with such slim flights my darts are landing evry flight down as opposed to straight with standards

Thursday, 15 December 2016

World Watch: Dennis Nilsson: The Ironman of Sweden

Hi Guys

Now this is a story i love, a strongman moving over to darts - as i love both disciplines!

Dennis Nilsson was a runner up in the 2003 Sweden Strong Man competition before moving over to darts and since 2006 has been a mainstay on the Swedish Darts scene

Currently ranked 74 in the BDO Nilsson qualified for the PDC World Championships in 2012 and has had a cracking 2016 winning the Baltic Cup Open and the Finnish Masters to go with his Swedish National win in 2011!

Nilsson is getting better and better and i cant wait to see Ironman tearing up future BDO events!


World Watch: Dragutin Horvath: The Croatian Sensation

Hi Guys

2017 will see the debut in the PDC World Championship of Dragutin Horvath.

Horvath a regular on the PDC European scene will be flying the flag for Croatian darts!

Croatia can already be proud of Horvath who made the Quarter Finals in the PDC 2016 International Darts open and winning the 2016 World Germnay Qualifying event!

Lets home we see more of Horvath in 2017 and beyond


World Watch: Simon Stevenson: A HUGE Inspiration!!!!!

Hi Guys

Today i have chosen to focus on a homegrown player who is a major darts inspiration for me:

Simon Stevenson

Stevenson then aged 40 burst onto the scene in the UK open reaching the last 32 and  won his Tour card in 2016 and has had a fantastic year flying up the rankings to his 80 in his debut year.

The 'Mirror man' as hes known man has been the force in Plymouth darts over the last decade picking up no fewer than 5 open titles and in his debut year made the quarter finals of the UK Players Championship 12 in Barnsley!

Stevenson though has achieved many a dart players dream and has qualified for the PDC 2017 World Championship!

This again shows that if you work hard you can achieve your dreams and should NEVER, EVER be written off due to age, having qualified and playing his best darts in his forties!

In short this guy makes me want to practice harder!

Good luck to Simon, i'd love him to do well


Monday, 12 December 2016

BDO World Darts Championship 2017: My Prediction

Hi Guys

Its that time of the year again coming up. The BDO World Championship 2017!

I think it is going to be a genuinely tough tournament and great tournament this year with a great mix of former champions and high level contenders all vying for the BIG one!

Will Martin Adams become the oldest world champion ever at 60?

Will Scott Waites make it 2 in a row and 3 in total?

Can Scott Mitchell bag his second?

Will Tony O'Shea or Darryl Fitton break the curse?

Can Glen Durrant cap the best year of his career off in style?

It really is a tough call!

I think Darius Labanauskas who i did  a world watch on in 2015:

could be a serious contender and go all the way!

So, my prediction:

Whilst i'd love Adams to do it, for me its going to be between Mitchell, Durrant and Waites.

I've got to go with Durrant. he's had an amazing 2016 and shouldc ap it off with the BIG one this year!

PDC World Darts Championship 2017: My Prediction

Good Morning guys

Its that time of the year again!

The PDC World Championship 2017 will kick off at the end of the week.

It's quite mad seeing as I've picked MVG to win the last several events, and logic would dictate  he is the most obvious choice however i fear that MVG almost wants it 'too much' as hes been favourite the last 2 years without winning it and i wonder whether trying too hard will make him make mistakes, especially considering set-play is the one style of event that doesn't allow you to rattle of 6-7-8 legs in a row in a short time frame which MVG excels at!

There's just so much quality that i think there will be a few shocks and i wouldn't rule out Peter Wright, Adrian Lewis or even Barney in the final this year.

So, my prediction:

If MVG doesn't go out early he wins it!

if he does i'm going with Taylor or Anderson to take it!

Friday, 9 December 2016

08/12/2016: Practice session and 180!

Hi Guys

I got a good solid practice in yesterday.

I have upgraded to Datadart Martin Adams 22g darts.

They are like thinner and grippier Glen Durrant darts (which are in effect Eric Bristow darts)

I am genuinely thrilled by how they perform!

They are thinner and fly so smoothly.

I am very pleased to report that i have had my bets practice session in quite probably 18 months!

I went around the board on singles, doubles and trebles very well (trebles definately my best ever) and finished on bull and then hit a 180!

I am now hitting a 180 every session which considering this is really only the first week where my darts are actually starting to fly properly is fantastic progress.

This is the key, as i posted previously you have to be consistent, practice and be patient. If you do that it will come!

There were times last week where it just didn't feel like i had ever thrown before but now my shoulder is getting better and i'm getting used to throwing again and it is coming together and the confidence is growing.

Take Care


Thursday, 8 December 2016

The importance of Honesty

Hi Guys

Like with anything in life it is easy to over exaggerate ones prowess in a particular field.  This can be ego, self delusion or just plane insecurity.

I often get asked why i have been so honest with my starting level and current ability and the truth is that honesty is indeed the best policy.

If i had stated that i hit a 180 in my first 10 minutes, and was hitting 9 darters within a month it would be quite obviously a lie and why would anyone want to bother with the blog/story further????

Its like the guy in the pub who always has a story of how he beat this 'pro', beat this guy in the pub (that no one remembers)  with a 170 checkout the night before, is hitting 9 darters in practice  and has a 110 average and yet you've never seen him hit over 60, checkout over 20 or win a match????

"i could have bee a PDC player"

 - sure you could, if you had that talent you'd be earning millions and not stacking shelves (nothing wrong with that mind) at the Supermarket!

It just doesn't lend itself to credibility and to be honest makes you look stupid when you don't deliver.  For me it is far better to say "i'm just a novice and trying to get better" because expectations and reputation will be afforded and judged accordingly  rather than promote yourself as the next Taylor  brag about your incredible scoring power and then lose whilst never hitting above 26 (and then blaming everything from the Weather to the state of the economy)

This is why i have and continue to be honest.

If i was a prodigious talent i would be in the PDC now! The reality is that when i started i wasn't a star by any means:

By a star i mean someone who is naturally gifted and just has 'it'.

 Bob Anderson was a natural athlete, was an olympic level javelin contender, and played professional football. He hit his first 180 aged 7 with brass darts - that is talent

Gary Anderson's first 9 darts were apparent 2 x 140 and 1 x 180 - that is talent

I got into darts late aged 32, with no prior experience, and a catalogue of injuries and do not have a 'gift' so i have to mechanically work on everything.  I want to be the best i can be however i also have a family and work commitments which means that i cannot dedicate 4-6-8 hours a day to it as a craft like i could if it was avocation i started in my early teens or if aged 32 i was so amazing that it would be worth the risk of quitting the job and winning money in darts!

That is why i am hoping the majority of you will follow my journey and maybe identify with me.

If i can win and achieve my goals in darts and beyond it  will be proof that hard work and determination can win out  over natural talent.

If i play well i will tell you and if i don't i will say i've played sh*t, no BS here and whats more if i do hit silly averages or amazing checkouts you will know its legit. Its why i tend to post my 180's!

Some players have played for years and years and have never had one! I am proud of every one i hit!

As it stands now when 'on' i have a 60-70 average, which has been a high as 100+  before. On a poor day though this can be in the 50's! This put me on same level as the best players in my pub league division and i am confident that i could give anyone in the division a game and win the majority.

I hope this will inspire many who have never or think they can't play to go and have a go at either darts or another sport (health/legality permitting) they love.

Honestly guys it is so worth it!

08/12/2016: 180!

Hi Guys

Currently running 22g Harrows Glen Durrant darts with nlyon medium stems and standard 75 micron flights!

Im finding though that i need abit more grip and maybe something slightly more front weighted.

Take care


Monday, 5 December 2016

All India Darts Association: Doing AMAZING work!

Hi Guys

Please go to this website

and check out the good work that these ladies and gentleman are doing.

All India Darts Association, though s very young, has done a plethora of events to popularize the game and remodeled it from a game of elite to a game that can be played by the ordinary mass. It has organized competitions in all levels like Clubs, Schools, Corporates, States, Zonal and National among others.

From its inception in 2000, All India Darts Association has traveled a long distance. It has distributed free Dart Boards to many Schools, Clubs and even individuals who have demonstrated tremendous potential to grow.

Now this is what darts and sport is all about. Darts IS a game for everyone. Young or old, able or disabled, male or female. Their is and SHOULD BE no prejudice!!!!

I would love to do a tour over there as darts really is a game that can/does unite people!

Fantastic work  to everyone involved!


Congratulations to Glen Durrant, World Winmau Masters Men's Champion 2016

Hi Guys

BIG Congratulations to Glen 'Duzza' Durrant on winning and defending the 2016 Winmau World Masters title!

The Winmau Masters is one of the oldest and most prestigious titles in darts having been held by such darting legends as:

Eric Bristow
Bob Anderson
John Lowe
Alan Evans
Phil Taylor
Dennis Priestley
Michael Van Gerwen
Andy Fordham
Martin Adams

Durrant is having an excellent year having won 10 titles and finishing in the last 16 of the PDC GrandSlam of Darts

Again it just goes to show that age is irrelevant as Duzza is 46 and having his best year ever!

Currently ranked number 1 in the BDO and the 'form' player, you have to make Duzza the favourite to land the World Title this year!

Week 1: Shoulder rehabilitation!

Hi Guys 

I completed my first week of shoulder and physical rehab for darts.

my current routine is:

1. Shoulder stretch:

Bend forward at the waist and allow the arm to hang naturally downward toward your foot.

SLOWLY AND GENTLY make circles with the arm. Imagine watching your hand running laps around your toes and you'll get the idea. 10-20 revolutions clockwise, the same number counter-clockwise. Do a set of these, then a set of the next, then repeat a few times.

2. Shoulder raises

Get a 8lb resistance band (Bodylastics are the best - go with green or red one)

now raise your arm in front of you holding the band handle, SLOWLY and GENTLY, until your arm is parallel with your collar bone and the lower.  Do this 10x for each arm.

Then raise your arms to the side SLOWLY and GENTLY like a bird would flapping its wings. Do this 10x (both arms at the same time)

This both strengthens and stretches the whole shoulder girdle.

I do this every day.

I will add exercises each week, and get back to my DDP yoga  however the key here is to slowly build the shoulder up and not overdo it.

I'm hoping this will reduce the 'Jocky Wilson' 3rd dart twitch i occasionally get and build shoulder stamina.

Take care guys


Friday, 2 December 2016

Determination is key!

Hi guys

I put 5 hours in today!

Oh boy, first hour was horrendous. I had the Jocky Wilson twitch, release issue, you name it!

Took 1 hour to go around the board 3 in each single!

Genuinely was like I'd never played before & I did think about wrapping in!

I stuck with it though and eventually i got around 3 in each single and then went around the board on trebles and doubles!

In the end it started flowing real nice & natural!

This shows the importance of gutting it out. If I'd quit after an hour I don't know wether after all the recent problems I've had  wether id have picked up a dart again......that's how bad I was!

so all in all 8 hours practice this week!

Next week will be better!



Hi Guys

I have felt compelled to write this due to the negativity i see all around me!

There are many people that decide for whatever reason to let go of their dreams, ambitions or hobbies.

Maybe it is the pressure of work, family or other commitments. Or maybe it is because you have reached a certain point in the calendar where you think “I’m too old” or “I can’t do this”

Now I hate doing preachy posts or getting ‘deep’ however I need to make something really, really clear here:


And by this I mean this is the one shot you have. No one beats the clock, and no one lives forever.

This is why I cannot understand why people give up their dreams or the things they love to do????

It really is a mystery to me???

Darts of all the sports out there is the one that lends itself most to longevity and ability to play/complete regardless of age.

Unlike Boxing, Bodybuilding, MMA, football, wrestling or you name it, there is no ‘sell by date’ where you have to assess your age (or wear) induced physical limitations and age should have minimal impact on your ability to compete and your aspirations!

What I am saying here is:


Now my ambition is to get to a standard where I can compete and acquit myself well in local tournaments and basically give fellow darters a game with the view of competing in a BDO event.

I started at 33, and have a myriad of physical discomforts to manage, however if I achieve that and can do that till I physically cannot lift a dart anymore then I will have achieved my ambition!

Now if I achieve more than that, brilliant!

Am I going to let anyone tell me I am:

Too old
Started too late
Will never make it

F**K no!

If others want to hate and give up their dreams, or aspirations because they’re not 22 or 25 anymore then that’s their life. Haters will always hate, that’s a given however given the short time we have in life, I can’t see why anyone would want to give up on their dreams.

I don’t think anyone on their death bed has said:

“I’m glad I didn’t achieve my dreams or live more”

As long as you don’t hurt anyone in the process why not go for it? The only thing you have to lose is time not doing it!!!

Take Care


World Watch: Paul Lim, Flying the Flag for Older Darters

Hi Guys

It may seem odd to do a World Watch on someone who has been a fixture in darts for 30+ years however there are only a couple of players left who are flying the flags for the over 60’s and competing at a high level still. One being Martin ‘Wolfie’ Adams and the other is Paul Lim.

Most will remember Lim for hitting the first televised World Championship 9 darter in 1990 (a time when this had only been previously done by John Lowe). 

This was a record that Lim held for 19 years (across both organisations) before Barney hit one against Klassen in 2009.
Mr Lim’s record in the World Championship might not be the best however it should be noted that he was unlucky to always draw World Class players in the like:

·         Dave Whitcombe.
·         Cliff Lazarenko (twice)
·         Bob Anderson
·         Mike Gregory
·         Alan Warriner,
·         John Part (en route to the 1994 title),
·         John Lowe

Mr Lim in-fact is the only player from the 80’s classic era still competing in the PDC today, having played in the 1982 BDO World championship.

It’s incredible that Mr Lim’s first World Championship was 35 years ago and yet here he is still competing.

Anyone doubting at 62 whether Mr Lim still has it should check out Lim Vs World Number 1 MVG in the 2016 Shanghai Masters where Mr Lim gave  the 35 years younger MVG a real run for his money:

Take Care