Saturday, 8 June 2019

Reason I haven't posted: major nerve and back problems!!!

Hi guys

I just thought I would update you as to why there hasn't been much posting and content by me.

A few months ago I ended up in Casualty (Ed, A+E) by emergency ambulance.

My back had gone and they misdiagnosed me. After 18 hours I was sent home and i am now seeing a spinal specialist as I've damaged a nerve in my back.

I hadnt done anything to bring it on, so it was a shock and considering all the problems I had 10 years ago, obviously it is of great concern.

This has given me chronic pain for 9 weeks, and I have 'drop foot', muscle atrophy in leg and can't move foot properly amongst other things.

For 2 months walking was a major issue let alone darts.

I hope I'm on the road to recovery and seeing a spinal specialist in a few weeks.

There is a chance this is permanent and I'll always have an issue with my left leg and won't be able to move foot properly.

This is something I'll have to work out and it may mean I have to totally rethink how I play.

Just wanted to give you a heads up and to thank you for still visiting my blog.

Kind regards


My new set of rare 21g gold John Lowe's

Hi guys

Always wanted a set of official Lowe's not generic copies.

Thrilled to get a set