Saturday, 28 February 2015

Finally got that monkey off my back

Hi guys ive been going through a rough patch and losing streak. in short down to breaking my resolution of not changing darts & also through poor playing choices. anyway ive got a setup im sticking with and whats more ive got a nagging monkey off my back, theres a player who i just couldnt beat. he's bwwn playing for years. nice guy however hes just a natural talent and who doesnt even practice much. anyway in the summer he thrashed me repeatedly and it got to me as here i was practising night and day and he just turns up and beats me. well yesterday it all changed. we played again, i was on his own turf however this time i was focused and settled. we were playing best of 3 sets. best of 3 legs per set. well first set he won 3-2 in a close one. i tool the second 1-3 and then whitewashed him in the decider 0-3! i was hitting 80s galore and it really has made a difference to me

my new setup and 3rd 180 of 2015

Hi guys got me a new setup that i'll be sticking to: 17g 95% tungsten Barney soft tips converted to steel with Brass conversion points for nose weight.

Target pro grip mediums

Unicorn Big Wings

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

2nd 180 of 2015 with new darts

Hi guys first real practice with new 10g darts. hit several 100s, 120s and then........180!!!!!