Monday, 25 January 2016

Bob Anderson: One of the greatest darts players of all time!

Hi Guys

I am a BIG fan of the ‘Limestone Cowboy’ Bob Anderson, and feel that whilst highly respected and County darts Royalty, that he unfairly gets missed out when the holy trinity of darts of Bristow, Lowe and Wilson are mentioned of the 80’s

It should really be the fabulous 4 in my opinion with Anderson included as whilst an argument could be made for Keith Deller after his incredible 1983 win against Bristow (having beaten Wilson and Lowe on the way) , the fact of the matter is that outside of Bristow, Lowe and Wilson, no one was more successful that Anderson who won:

World masters: 86,87,88 (3 years in a row)
World Championship: 88
World Matchplay: 87
British Matchplay: 88,89
World Number 1: 87,88,89

This isn’t even including a whole raft of opens and world events including winning the Pacific Open in 87,88 and 89.No one else even comes close and he was the first darts player to bring the aggression to the oche that currently Michael Van Gerwen has become popular for.

What’s more Anderson’s longevity has been incredible:

Competed in 24 consecutive world championships (1984-2008)
2 consecutive PDC world Championship semi-finals in 2004 and 2005 when aged 57 and 58

And this incredible professional career was capped off by winning the League of Legends trophy in 2008, beating Keith Deller in the final.

An incredible career if ever there was one.  Please check Anderson out on Youtube as the guy was and still is amazing.

Furthermore it is often said that you should never meet your hero’s for fear of being disappointed. Well that does not count with Anderson. I have met the man and he is incredible, a real gentleman, fantastic with his fans it was an honour to meet the man and he is fantastic in exhibition s’s and still even at 68 throws incredible darts.

Please check him out as he was and is an incredible man and talent

Kind Regards

Luke The best darts forum on the planet!

Hi Guys

I just wanted to do a quick call-out about the forum

it can be located at:

these guys are the best. A fantastic group from around the world. All full of good advice, updates, reviews and general friendship.

whether you want a real review of that latest dart, to swap your misguided purchases, are bored of your current practice routine or simply want to chat about the PDC or BDO, it is the place to be.

There have been times when i have considered quitting and these guys have pulled me back. They are a great bunch, not clicky and welcoming to all.

If you are not a member, please sign up and join a wonderful group of darts enthusiasts

Cant praise them enough, and if i ever do make it to TV i'll be wearing a patch proudly!

Kindest Regards


My Practice results: 24th January 2016

Hi Guys

I got some practice in at at the week.

Had 17 legs of 501 down.

Here are the results:

Legs played: 17
1 dart average: 18.3
3 dart average: 54.9
Highest Score: 140
Scores 60-99: 41
Scores 100-139: 18
Scores 140-179: 2
Checkout Success: 32.1%

Now it should be noted that this was 'cold' and was literally straight in with no warm up.

Overall i think this shows a good standard as although 54.9 is not a 'world' beater score by any stretch, to do it having had very minimal practice in January and with no warm-up does show me that with a full practice session behind me and better results on my 100+ finishes then i can really get that average to 70+ pretty soon.

Incidentally, and i must stress this.


honestly it has immensely.

Anyway, Take care everyone


Friday, 22 January 2016

Don't get hung-up on darts averages!

Hi Guys

I have come across many players who claim to have 80-90 averages and yet when i have seen them play, i have seen alot of 26's and 45's, and then 12-16 darts at a double. Whilst its true that 

Practicing at home is different i would very much argue that very few players average 100 at home and only 45 in the 'pub' or league.  

i would like to hit upon something  which i find annoying, and that is players getting hung up on averages and whats more alot of the Fictitious averages that get bandied about.Personally i say, ignore what others are claiming and concentrate on your own averages, but more importantly your finishing

If you lie to  yourself about your play, then your only cheating and hurting your game!

I myself don't get hung up on averages, as such, only as a reference point for improvement. I can say right right now that my average is around the mid 65's. That's an average. Some practice legs will be 85-90, and others will be in the mid 50's, so i cant call myself a 80-85 average player as the consistency and overall scores don't reflect the bigger picture.  Indeed i have had a 100+ average before in a few matches, that however doesn't make me a 100 average player, and to consider myself as such would be a delusion. Do i have the potential: yes, do i have the consistency: no!

In-fact taking advantage of mistakes and capitalising when it counts is far more important, than averages, especially at lower levels.  I can certainly attest that when i was playing pub level in my area that no one was hitting 100 averages, no one was hitting 9 darters, and i only had one person hit 180 against me!, whats more averages weren't even counted (probably for the best).  The killer in all matches was the finishing, a fair few could hit decent scores but then lose having had 16-18 darts at d7 for example!

I think that players should forego what they see on TV. This is elite professional darts (and sometimes even they have a bad time), and not worry about averages. Let me give an example of the 2016 BDO world championship.  I am not focusing on PDC as the majority are professional players and as such i consider the BDO to be what i should be looking at:

There's no 100+ averages, and there's plenty of 80 averages, achievable, i think so!

In-fact no one had won the BDO worlds with a 100 average and Scott Waites won 2016 with an 87 one.

Its all about taking small steps and working on your game, and doing it the right way (all of which i haven't done and it has cost me by the way). Look to up the averages, but don't get hung up thinking that you cant compete if your not hitting 9 darters in practice.  Set small manageable goals and reflect on achievements.  In 2.5 inconsistent as hell years i have gone from a genuine 38 ish average (and that's me being honest) to averaging in the mid 60's (something i thought would never come). That's a doubling of my overall average in spite of myself. 

Now, imagine with a settled set-up, confidence and practice.  It is not inconceivable that i could add 10 points to my average in 2016. Now if i can do that, that would take me close to an average of 80!, and in 2 years potentially nearly 90!

Even allowing for pressure and the changes in playing environment this will give a good shot at any tournaments entered, however the key is hitting those doubles!

So ultimately back onto myself,anyone who has read my updates may think:

"hey the guys delusional, he wasn't exactly Taylor in the pub scene so why aim higher"Its a fair point, however considering i was new to darts, quite literally changed darts and setup weekly (sometimes even prior to the match with no prior try-out time)  and also was suffering from back issues i won 14 of 34 singles matches  (41%) (excluding cups) and barring  3 matches  i had darts at a double to win the rest, so quite literally if i'd stuck with one setup i could conceivably have won 31 of 34 (91%) or more, which would paint an entirely different picture.

Anyway, 2016 is the year to get serious with it. I have a setup i am going to stick with (more on that later), and will keep you updated on my progress.

Thanks for reading


Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Please 'follow' my blog

Hi Guys

Just  a quick one. I am getting a HUGE amount of views and emails for the blog, and would like to ask if everyone could kindly follow it as well

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Getting healthy in January for 2016 darts!

Hi Guys

i just wanted to give you a quick update.

As it stands now i am and have taken January off from darts (or rather serious practice).

Now this may seem completely at odds with the 'darts' culture, however i think it essential to give the body a break and whats-more maintain some level of fitness.

Now that's not so say that darts players aren't fit. The distance walking covered by players over a session (from oche to board and back) is not inconsiderable (may measure it), however to avoid health complications that others (and myself) have suffered from hips and back problems it is essential in my mind to take action to ensure damage is minimalised or avoid altogether.

The aim is to get myself healthy, clear up some niggling injuries/discomforts and in effect 'reset' myself.

I haven't had a drop of alcohol since New Years Eve (2015) and about 2.5 weeks alcohol free with a view to having January completely drink free. I am considering it a detox and repair after a pretty 'heavy' 2015.

I am working out 3 days a week, full-body, and also getting my cardio in as well as cutting out snacking and eating sugary products during the working day and consuming lots of green and herbal teas.

The idea idea is that by the end of January i will be in great shape for 2016. I wasn't in bad shape to begin with as i have a decent physique through years of bodybuilding, however the excess of fried foods and alcohol had made me sluggish and this needed addressing.

As it stands my aim is for a BDO tournament in November 2016 (more of that in the coming months so stay tuned), which will give me 9 months to train for.

That's right i said train for. I am approaching this as i would for a boxing tournament, with the mindset to start off light and build up to a fine tuned 'ultimate' peak at the tournament.

Anyway i just thought i would give you an update and i would seriously recommend it to anyone.

Think of it as giving your body a yearly service so it starts the new year in top condition. 30 days isn't a lot to give up out of 365 (about 8%) and the benefits are fantastic.

I am leaner and more muscular, my complexion has improved, i am more alert and aware and overall so much fitter already (and its only day 19).

Another major bonus is that you will 'reset' your alcohol tolerance, which is better for your bank balance and overall health as you wont need as much to get where you want to go. I was at 12 cans of Coors light + to get a buzz

So get healthy if you can, your body and performance will thank you for it.


Monday, 18 January 2016

John Lowe: Check out these video's of the legend in action at the League of Legends 2008!

Hi Guys

i will post more over time however one of my favourite players of all time is John Lowe.

The ultimate professional, Lowe was the first to win the world title in 3 different decades (only other is Phil Taylor) and the only one to win it in the 70's, 80's and 90's.

This is 2 matches from the Betfred League of Legends darts from 2008 where Lowe at 62 showed that class is ageless!

Vs Bobby George (averaging 84.96)

check out the second leg for virtual darting perfection.

Vs Bristow (averaging 90.63)

indeed Lowe held the highest average in the League of legends for a match until Bob Anderson's 91.86 winning average in the final against Keith Deller.

Having seen Lowe 2 years ago at an exhibition, even at 68 the man was pure class as a clinical finisher!

Ted Hankey's 2000 BDO World Title Run: Watch and Enjoy

Hi Guys

I have attached the link to one of my favourite ever World Championship performances and that's Ted Hankey's first BDO world championship win in 2000

Going in the 31 year old 'Count' was considered the underdog against the previous years runner up, the 38 year old 'Rocket' Ronnie Baxter despite having had an imperious tournament (averaging 90+ throughout).

Hankey would not be denied though and dispatched the bookies favourite 6-0 with an average of 92.40 and finishing it with a classic 170 finish!

This really was Hankey's tournament as he hit a record 48 in the tournament including a record 22 as he beat Mason 5-4 in a thriller having been 4-2 down against Chris Mason:

watch these and enjoy a fantastic run by the legendary 'Count'.

Monday, 11 January 2016

My Current Practice Routine 2016!

Hi Guys

I just wanted to let you know my current practice routine

Around the Board:

Fat Singles 1-20
Doubles 1-20
Triples 1-20

repetitions: as many as you like

This is designed to give a good workout whether you have 20-30 minutes or 4 hours!

Whats good about this is that it makes you practice the 'unusual' segments. usually its  the 20's, and 19's that get hammered with a desire to leave 32 or 40 etc,

That's great play, however what happens when its a crucial game and you end up with 1 dart left and its 38, 22,  or 7 etc??? usually its a miss or single which means you have to use 1 of your 3 darts to get back on an 'out' (if you haven't been finished off). By practicing the whole board you will at least have some confidence that you have a chance rather than think "f**k i've never thrown at D7 before"

In-fact i will be honest, i have probably taken out more D7's than i'd care to mention, whilst my opponent thinks there back in (lets be honest who likes or goes for D7??)...........the reason???? I practice the dodgy 'outs', and its demoralising for the opposition as they're constantly aware than any 'out' is do'able!

Another key is to practice the corresponding double e.g.

if you like D16, practice D8 as much. Same with D10 if you like tops! That way if you miss you have a 'cover' double.  You dont want to be in a crucial leg and go for your favourite D18 without being secure on D9 as if you miss  its a long way back and unless you take out 1, D4 your looking at some nasty doubles down there!

Good luck guys

Congratulations to Scott Waites: A Modern Darting Legend!

Hi Guys

I was delighted to see Scott Waites win his second World title (after shoulder surgery) and remind us that he too should be considered one of the modern darting superstars.

Going into the final a resurrected Waites had already knocked out BDO number1 and tournament favourite (the in-form Glen Durrant)  4-5 in a thriller before whitewashing the Canadian Jeff Smith (whom had an excellent tournament) 7-1, in the most one sided final since Waites beat crowd favourite Tony O'Shea 7-1 in 2013. It seems when Waites wins it, he wins BIG!

A quick fix for all your Historians is that Waites is the only player to win by such a wide margin in the last 15 years (since Ted Hankey whitewashed Ronnie Baxter 6-0 in 2000).

Waites has now joined an exclusive league of players who have won the title more than once as he becomes only the 8th player to do so in 38 years behind:

John Lowe
Eric Bristow
Jocky Wilson
Raymond van Barneveld
Martin Adams
Ted Hankey
Phil Taylor

Modern Legend: Why not

I do find it puzzling that Waites, who won his second world title on 10/1/16, and is a 5 times Major winner (excluding 20+ Open wins):

World Championship (2013,2016)
World Masters (2011)
Zuiderduin Masters (2011)
PDc Grandslam (2010)

is rarely mentioned in darting circles???

It may be, because he has remained staunchly with his BDO roots and never ventured over to the PDC, and like Martin Adams he must now be considered a true BDO icon  and commended for staying true to himself and his darting preferences.

I think Waites is fantastic for the sport and would love to see him have a superb 2016!

Jeff Smith: Canada should be proud!

Hi Guys

In November 2015, my World Watch focused on Jeff Smith as one to watch:

Well at the BDO World Championships Jeff Smith proved this to be true as he reached the final and had a 90 ave for the tournament Including putting out 3 x WC winner Martin Adams who was considered a tournament favourite in the first round).

Bettering his 2015 semi final finish Smith became a fan favourite with his terrific displays and despite losing out will have learned from this immensely.

Smith was unlucky to meet a resurrected Scott Waites in the final (he himself a former world champ and 4 times major winner), where nerves also conspired against him!

Gracious in defeat, his post match interview will have done his fan-base no harm at all and Smith has done himself and Canadian darts proud.

I wish Smith the best of luck for 2016 as he will be a threat for whatever BDO events he competes in!

Monday, 4 January 2016

World Watch: Karel Sedlacek, the pride of Czech darts

Hi Guys

I have been getting alot of hits from the wonderful Czech Republic so thought i would bring attention to the Czech darts star Karel Sedlacek.

Currently 82 in the BDO world rankings Sedlacek made the last 40 on his debut in the 2014 BDO world championships before improving upon that with a last 32 finish in 2015, Indeed although He lost 1-3 to Glen Durrant (no shame as a perennial BDO star and finished in the semi finals) in the First round, his average of 99.58 was the highest in all the first round matches and third biggest average of a match loser in Lakeside history.

Sedlacek also has an impressive last 16 finish in the BDO world trophy in 2014 to his name  along with a plethora of impressive 'Open' finishes.

There's certainly more to come from Czech ace  so keep an eye out for him at BDO events!

Kind Regards


BIG Thank you to all my Viewers and Hits in 2015

Hi Guys

I just wanted to thank everyone for all your comments, emails and encouragement in 2015.

I have had thousands of hits and emails from quite literally all over the world so thank you and i look forward to updating you and taking you on my journey in 2016

Kindest Regards


Big Congratulations to Gary Anderson on becoming only the fourth player in the history of the darts world championship (both BDO and PDC) to defend their first title consecutively

Big Congratulations to Gary Anderson on becoming only the fourth  player in the history of the darts world championship (both BDO and PDC) to defend their first title consecutively after:

Bristow: 1980 and 1981
Raymond Van Barneveld: 1998 and 1999
Adrian Lewis: 2011/2012

an incredible feat!

My 2016 New Years darts Resolutions!

Hi Guys

Its that time of year again, so i thought i would share my new year darts resolutions:

  • Improve my chalking
  • Stick to 'ONE' set of darts - NO SWAPPING!!!!
  • Win a minor trophy
  • Hit more 180's than 2015
  • Hit more triple Bulls than 2015
  • Attend at least 1 exhibition
  • Keep this blog going
  • Play a singles League format
and.........................if i can enter a small BDO event!

anyway take care guys


My end of year (2015) Darts Review

Hi Guys

I just thought that i would summarise my 2015.

Well, overall i think that 2015 was a year of 2 halves. 

The first half was spent playing darts weekly, with the second half sporadically.

Now ultimately and perhaps ironically 2016 actually wasn't a bad year considering i have up to this post only been playing 24 months and started at 32:

I won the 2015 Inaugural Sutherland Cup and Pub's Easter 2015 Cup

I hit more 180's than the previous 16 months combined

I won 50% of my single league games (despite constantly changing darts weekly) for 6 wins in 12 and won 15 legs against 13. In short it could easily have been 100% if i had stuck to one set!

I hit my first triple Bull

I established myself as undoubtedly the best player at Als bar 'B'

This despite only being active for about 5 months of the year.

So overall 2015 was a positive year despite the hiccups and back issues!

Friday, 1 January 2016

Won (and defended) the Second annual Sutherland Cup

Hi Guys

For the second year in a row i have won the Sutherland Cup.

It was not a vintage performance however.

Leg 1: lost despite having darts at the double.

Leg 2: lost, see above

Leg 3: won on d8

Leg 4: won on d5.

Leg 5: won on D8

Leg 6: won on D20

Leg 7: won on D8

Leg 8: lost  with darts for double

Leg 9: Lost with darts at double

Leg 10: Won on D16

It was a very uneven performance as i should have won the first 2 legs clearly but my doubles were horrendous and surrended a big lead. Things improved as i warmed up however it was a mediocre performance (hitting 55-60) only saved by some big 120+ shots at crucial times to turn the advantage.

So overall VERY pleased to have won this 2 years in a row

Happy new year everyone