Saturday, 23 July 2016

23/7/2016: 180 with 12g brass

23/7/2016: 3 more wins

Hi guys

Played 3 best of 9s tonite 501 tonite


Won 5-0
100s x3
140 x 1
180 x 1
C/o 34%


Won 5-3
100s x7
C/o 26.3%
Ave: 56.8


Won 5-0
100s x 4
140 x 1
C/o 31.2%
Ave: 55.3

Overall happy to win however I had some seriously dodgy legs where all I could get was 45. If it wasn't for a dodgy spell I would have averaged around 73-78

Not bad for someone who gave it a 4 month break

Saturday, 16 July 2016

Comeback continues!

Hi guys

Based on my past win I got invited to play again tonite.

Played: 12 legs
Won: 12
180: 2
100+: 8
Highest out: 95
Checkout %: 34
Minimum dart leg: 18
Average dart leg: 20
Average; 68.3

Incredible that after such a long break I'm playing some of my best darts ever!

180 x 2

More 180s guys

Thursday, 14 July 2016

Impromptu comeback sees a startling run of form!

Hi Guys

I have just got back from an impromptu 15 legs of darts.

I hadn't intended in playing however I got roped in to cover for a last minute drop out.

Now bare in mind I have picked up a dart for about 10 minutes in last 3-4 months!

Tonight though had made me have a re-think

It was best to 15 legs and I won all 15, hit over 100 12x, averaged a checkout of 31%, had a 19 dart leg, averaged 22 darts a leg, a high checkout of 89 and averaged 61!

At one point I was average 125 and then a steady 95 until i blew a few doubles.

I need to have a think as I may have something left!