Saturday, 19 August 2017

My results from 'August heat 2017'

Hi guys

I hadn't planned to play and had forgotten all about this until I got the txt reminder. I'd paid at beginning of the year so thought  "why not"

Anyway received a bye into round 2 thanks to a no show so played  guy called Dave Ainsworth who had struggled to win his  first round matxh.

It was first to 6 until the quarters

I won 6-1

It was awful. Despite hitting 5x 100 and a 125 it was bad darts.  My best leg being 25 and I averaged 41.2 p3d.

This meant I met Mark Sandford in round 3.

He is good. I lost 6-2.

He hit me with everything and was averaging about 80. He got to 5-0 and  then I hit some form to make it 5-2.

I wired 2 at d20 to make it 5-3 and he hit d4 to win 6-2.

I did play better. I hit 6 x 100,  1 x 140 and averaged 56.

I lost to a far better player. Over a long format though I think I may have fared better as I was averaging in the 80s the last 3 legs.

Not to bad for someone who doesn't play anymore

Friday, 4 August 2017

4/8/17: picked the darts up for first time in months and 180!

Hi guys

I literally haven't picked a dart up I'm months due to my problems.

Literally  in 5 minutes

100 x5
121 x 1
95 x 2

And then.....180!!!!

What the he'll is going on??