Monday, 25 May 2015

a 'moody' loss in controversial circumstances as we crash out 2-1

Hi Guys

no repeat of last years final.

Had to play a prelim & drew a quality pair.

i hit a 100 and a fair few 60+ but the chalker messed up which saw the opposition on a lower score.

in the second i hit another 100 and a few 60s finally closing out on D6.

In the decider i again hit another 100 a 95 and some 60s to leave d4 which i blew and they took out D8

The standard was high and i was pleased with hitting 3 100+ and being in a place to win especially as doubles arent my forte and i find it impossible to maintain a rhythm in them

Mixed Pairs action tonight!

Hi Guys

its the mixed pairs cup tonight at the 'duke of connaught'.

Random draw so no idea who we'll play.

Got to the final of this in 2014 so hoping to go one better

Friday, 22 May 2015

180 with 14g Hankeys

180 with 14g Ted Hankeys!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

5th Match of the season. I win 2-1 but team loses 4-5!

Hi Guys

It was a bizaare and long night last night with darts going from 21:00 to 00:00, and no one on both sides playing very well at all. Infact it was the definition of medicocre, as 2 teams both on 4 losses, both with zero points tried to get their first win of the season.

Unfortunately we lost 4-5 in a close one. We went 1-0 u in the fuirst match but quickly dropped to 1-3 after 3 very tight games.  We then one our next to ( i levelled it at 3-3) before we dropped 2 of the next 3.  Overall it was just one of them nights!

In my match, i won, but it wasnt through good darts. I have been struggling to hit the big scores , and i didnt shoot over 100 last night.

I won the first leg, after we got off pretty decently, both hitting 60's, 70's and 50's, before i  left D8 which i took out with my first dart. I dropped the second, when i played poorly, hitting in the 40's, and ended up leaving myself D5 which i missed and my opponent took out d2. In the decider he won the bull and then hit a 120, however i chipped away with 60's,  and 45's before i hit a 95 to leave me on D16 with my last dart. I missed it but my opponent choked on his D20 and i hit D8 with my next dart to win 2-1.

Overall its not a performance to be proud of, but i got the win and thats what counts. Ive played far better and lost, however my pressure caused my opponent problems and i was ruthless on my doubles.

As the GREAT Bobby George says

"Trebles for show, Doubles for dough!"

i got the win, my 4th in 5 matches and an 80% win ratio.

More works needed though, alot more

Monday, 18 May 2015

5th match of season: Home versus Duke of Connaught 'A'

Hi guys

we are hope today against Duke of Connaught 'A'.

This is actually a pretty crucial fixture as both of us had the same run of results so far this season (albeit against different opposition), and sit bottom of the league on 0 Points

We've lost out last few matches against these guys, so we need this to kickstart our season.  The losing team will have it all to do!

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

A Thank you to all

Hi Guys and girls I just wanted to say a 'BIG' thank you to everyone who has taken the time this year to check in and view my blog. I seem to have alot of interest from the wonderful USA, Netherlands and Russia, and alot of other wonderful places so i just wanted to say: спасибо dankjewel നന്ദി teşekkür ederim to you all. Please keep on checking in, and i will do my best to let you all know how i am getting on. The goal of course to qualify for a MAJOR BDO event and include all those who cannot be there. Thank you for supporting me Luke

Working out & darts: A warning!

Hi guys i just wanetd to give you an update i hadnt been able to earlier. Its about working out. I started working out again a while ago and all was well, it didnt affect my darts. I then upped the weight and intensity though and i'll be destroyed my action. No joke, my form was shot to pieces for a week and it was like i had to re-learn how to throw all over again. Intense tricep and shoulder work is a MASSIVE no, no if you want to progress as a player. It makes sense darts is about muscle memory and any major working out changes the muscle, thus creating a need to re-create it again. Its like starting over each time. I have worked out that players would be much better working on leg, lower back and hip exercises to strengthen these areas as this is where alot of players develop problems.

Team lost 8-1

Hi Guys

The force that is Good Intent' rode out 8-1 winners as we barely won a leg.

In truth it was alwasy going to be a hard fixture. They'd already beaten 2 of my favourites to win the league this season, in Hoeford 'B' and the Seagull

pressure is on now though as we've lost our first 4 matches 7-2 8-1 5-4 8-1 and sit second from bottom again.

Monday, 11 May 2015

first loss of season: 2-1

Hi Guys

Lost first game of the season. I was on 2nd so no real warmup time.

i whitewashed the guy in first leg taking out d16.

I totally f'd up after that. i lost the 2nd leg having had 9 darts at the finish where i botched d20 and ended up missing 9 darts at d10 anf he hit d20 to level.

in the decider i won the bull and despite him hitting a 121 i took the lead and again blew d20. ending up on d5 which i missed 9 dartd at & he took out d5 to win 2-1.

overall it was a match i should have won 2-0. inexplicably i was rushing my darts and didnt hit over 80 despite alot of 60+

Current League Table: 11/5/15

Our current league table:

4th game of season: Away to Good Intent

Hi Guys

sorry havent posted for abit. Theres been a gap in the season.

We are away to the Good Intent tonight. They are new to the league & sitting 3rd having won 2 of 3.