Monday, 13 March 2017

The importance of Focused Concentration!

Hi Guys

I want to address today the importance of focused concentration in darts.

By focus I’m talking about a ‘block all out, doesn’t matter if someone plays a trombone next to your head’ kind of tunnel vision.

This is really important. I have been guilty of losing focus so many times that’s its cost me matches. 

Someone coughs, a rogue cheer, a spilled pint, a random thought, all these can momentarily cause you to lose concentration and that’s the difference between hitting the desired segment or the scoreboard.

No joke I was once playing In a pub where the board was adjacent to a number of windows, and just as I was about to release the dart this hand waving came right out in front of me as someone waved to their friend walking past outside. 


My dart literally went about a foot to the left of the board, as I tried to avoid impaling there hand. I was furious, they were apologetic but it totally blew my concentration. 

Fuming, I was totally ‘gone’ and lost the match as I was launching the darts like I was trying to kill the board. 


So what did I achieve by losing my rag???

Nothing, other than a loss!

Whether you are a pub player or a PDC pro, concentration is everything. It doesn’t matter how many 180’s you can hit in your spare bedroom, on a Thursday night in complete peace and quiet. If you can’t do it against a background of noise it’s no good.

A really good technique I have used is to put on darts matches when I’m playing (you can use anything, football etc) and to try and totally block it completely out when I play (to the point I couldn’t even tell you whose playing).

Also remember that when practicing remember to focus and concentrate on each throw. If the first dart goes in 1, re-focus! Don’t just throw the other 2 and wait till you’ve got all 3 again.  Always remember you have 3 darts and if your first 2 land in the 1, remember that you can still hit t20 and score 62.  

I have seen so many players in matches (myself included) hit 2 awful first darts and then launch the third in temper, whereas a step back, deep breath and re-focus could have seen a salvage of that throw.  Never waste any darts, it’s not about the first 2 (unless it’s a double).

Take Care


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