Monday, 20 February 2017

20/2/2017: Match Report vs Bird in Hand 'A'. I pick up first win since back and team win 6-3

Hi guys

I'm pleased to report the team won 6-3.

Onto my performance.

I was up against Ron Nobes, a very older player who is a nightmare to play against. Ron is a very slow player with a very erratic style.Ron will throw seemingly random at the board yet hit trebles so to you'll go up and aim for the t20 and get maybe a 60/or 45. He'll throw everywhere  and hit t19, t16 and t10, it does your brain in.

Anywhere I was on second to last at gone 23:00 having been there since 19:30 so 3/1/2 hours.

I won the bull comfortably but then put in a stinker of a leg. I was flat as a pancake, and Ron's style put me off. I hit 22 with my first 3 darts and was just dreadful. Seriously I've played far better in losing than i did here. I won a staggeringly poot leg hitting d1 in what was probably the epitomy of a poor pub darts leg. Still 1-0 up!

The second leg I was warmed up and Ron was never in it. I hit 80 to start and 3 more scores of 80+ and a couple of 60s to leave myself on d18 with Ron still on over 200. I wired d18, hit the single and then took out d9 to win the leg and the match 2-0.

No 100+ scores but at this point I'd rather be consistent and win rather than hit 2x 100 and lose.

I do think I left my best darts on the practice board as I was their for so long.  I put in a good hour before the match and hit several 100+ and a few 140s but then had a long break of doing nothing son in effect cooled down and went flat.

I watched one of our players do the same thing. Eric hit absolutely everything in practice, 100+ scores a plenty and 70+ finishes and yet come his match he couldn't buy a double and lost 1-2 in a match he dominated.

Overall a wins a win and i was thrilled to win my first league singles on my return and not drop a leg, however I will need to seriously up my games in the coming weeks.

Take care


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