Monday, 16 December 2019

Another 180 and a personal best!

Hi guys

I hit another cracking 180 today and hit a personal best in 100 at 20.

I hit 21 triples which beat my previous of 20, which

Since my back injury I've had to change everything from stance to grip, everything.

Ive moved to a Van Barneveld type from grip with his type of throw, along with standing far straighter than previous.

It's finally working and to be getting close to my personal best of 115pts is a real motivator for me.

I reckon I could have done it  tonight if I'd had 12 less errant darts.

Another integral part is that I've gone back to yoga for my back pain, issues and overall  flexibility and motility.

I genuinely recommend it guys!

My old pub team would have me back tomorrow and I'm hoping that if I can get back to a good standard I can rejoin, get competitive matches under my belt again and then start entering local tournaments.

Abywya I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for the support guys


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