Friday, 22 November 2019

Update:22/11/2019 +180 with Target Keith Deller 21g

Hi guys

Ive been fortunate enough to be able to put in some practice the last few days.

Ive had 600 darts at 20 of which I've had:

180 x 1 (below)
140 x 5
120 x 3
100 x 17

I'm not counting sub 100s now.

It was also great to Christen my new 21g Target Keith Deller's

Ive always had a soft spot for Keith Deller. Think he's so underated and had probbaly the best WC title run ever in beating the top 3 seeds, all 3 World champions (and legends)  in 1983

Anyway I'm hoping I can still hit my goals for this before years end (still a month or so left)

On that subject the back is still bad. Perpetual discomfort and random pain or foot burning.

Tbh, I'm grateful I can even hit the board nowadays

As states before if your back goes.... DON'T BE FOBBED OFF. LEAVE IT OR LET THEN DISMISS IT!!!!!

if you do you could be opening yourself up to perpetual, pain, uncomfortability or worse!

Take care everyone


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