Thursday, 15 November 2018

A mad scenario! Brought back by brass

Hi guys

This was mad.

 I was practicing and hitting great scores at 100@20. Hitting 111, 105, 109, etc.

Form was great and I felt that I was on my way to eclipse my personal best.

Then I hit a wicked 180!!! and....... My right bicepgoes!!!! Could barely hit the board..

Didn't feel like a tear more a tendon pull.

Iced it for a few days and felt OK.

Went back to practice and  It was literally like Id never played before, darts felt alien in my hand.


left it and tried a few days later. Still the same!

Thinking I may have a bicep issue (spent best part of 2 decades working out so know my body) I had an upper body centric workout.... No bicep issue whatsoever, no loss of strength or stamina etc.

So I give it a few days and then try again..... Still won't work.

At this point I've had enough, and sell my 21g Durro darts. To be honest despite some of the scores I've put up they've never felt comfortable.

At this point I'd had enough and decided to pack it in.

I was literally just about to take my board off the wall when i find my old 12g brass conversion Faithfulls.

Pick them up and decide to have 1 last throw for nostalgia purpose.

And they fly... 


Its insane but these horrible 12g brass 99p softip conversions always bring me back into the game!

Could it be that these 12g darts, that I've won more matches and hit more 180 with have and will always be the one??

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